Tektronix DPS77004SX Oscilloscope

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  • Single-unit
  • Analog Bandwidth : 70 GHz
  • Sample Rate : 200 GS/s, 100 GS/s
  • Record Length : 62.5M points - 1G points
  • Analog Channels : 2 at 70 GHz, 4 at 33 GHz

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Tektronix DPS77004SX Oscilloscope

The Tektronix DPS77004SX Oscilloscope deliver the industry’s most accurate capture of high-speed signal behavior to verify, validate and characterize your next generation designs. Capture up to 70 GHz signals with the lowest noise and highest fidelity, ensuring the most accurate measurements of your signal’s true characteristics.

ATI architecture delivers lowest noise

Previous real time scope solutions for digitizing ultra-high bandwidth signals distribute signal energy to two digitizing paths, and then use DSP to reconstruct the input signal. Unlike legacy schemes, Tektronix' unique ATI architecture provides a symmetric technique that delivers all signal energy to both digitizing paths resulting in an inherent noise advantage.

The diagram shows how an input signal enters the ATI ASIC where it is sampled and alternately delivered to each digitizing subsystem. The sample clock runs at 75 GHz and effectively folds the spectrum of the input signal about 37.5 GHz prior to digitizing. Each digitizing path operates at 100 GS/s and the folded spectrum is band limited to

Highest signal integrity.

ATI technology is at the leading edge of signal fidelity, minimizing noise to give the most accurate measurement results on your next generation designs.

Flexible. Versatile. Scalable.

Innovative UltraSync architecture provides configuration flexibility, allowing you to easily add acquisition channels and maintain channel-to-channel timing accuracy.

Measurement and analysis tools that keep you on track.

Application support packages for the DPO70000SX provide automated compliance testing, insightful debugging tools and the extensive signal connection options you need to verify and certify your latest design.

Know-how. Right now.

The Tektronix application engineering team goes onsite, providing expert-level support for measurement connectivity, oscilloscope operation and analysis tool insights. From introduction to adoption to integration of highly complex measurement processes in your lab or manufacturing operation, we’re here for you.

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