Safran WR-Z16 Ethernet-based Networks

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  • Sub-nanosecond time accuracy
  • 16 optical timing ports for IEEE-1588 & WR
  • Multi-source time references
  • Designed for Metro Area Network distances and beyond
  • Datacenter Optimized design
  • Failover & Holdover capabilities
  • Extended monitoring and management
  • Redundant swappable power supply & fans
  • Health monitoring

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Safran White Rabbit Z16 Ethernet-based Networks


The reliable precise time fan-out for White Rabbit distribution on 1G Ethernet-based networks. The Safran WR-Z16 is a standalone device with 16 SFP connectors which provides sub-nanosecond accuracy time over plug-and-play fiber links.

The Safran WR-Z16 provides very precise IEEE 1588 (PTP) in all its optical interfaces and supports NTP interoperability. Picosecond-level frequency distribution is available through digital clock. 

The Safran WR-Z16 incorporates failover mechanisms which combine multi-source redundancy and holdover capabilities to ensure continued operation. 

High Accuracy

The Safran WR-Z16 implements the WhiteRabbit (WR) protocol, an high-accuracy extension of PTP based on SyncE, that allows to easily distribute sub-nanoseconds timing within Metro Area Network distances and beyond. 

Worth to mention, that a timing network using WR protocol is not affected by the traffic load nor the number of hops. 


Placed at the top of the rack the Safran WRZ16 can distribute standard PTP IEEE 1588-2008 for the last hop through its 16x fiber ports using the most common profiles such as Telecoms profiles (G.8265.1, G.8275.1) & Power profiles (IEEE C37.238-2011). It also provides NTP interoperability and 10MHz/PPS distribution. 


To ensure continuous operation the Safran WR-Z16 incorporates a failover mechanism. It provides a safer version of the “Best-Master-Clock” algorithm as it only allows switching over multiple (predetermined) timing sources when a failure is detected. Additionally, an optional Holdover oscillator can be included to maintain high accuracy (1.5us < 24h) even if all timing references are down. 

Intuitive configuration

The new version of Safran WRZ-OS introduces a complete web interface redesigned to provide an excellent user experience: By the means of timing presets, a complex configuration can be done in a few clicks. Simultaneously, the CLI tool has also been rethinking to allow straightforward configuration from the terminal to advanced users. 

Advanced Management

The Safran WR-Z16 enables extensive monitoring via SNMP including the combination of smart alerts with traps. By providing templates, it facilitates its integration within InfluxDB, Graphana and Zabbix tools. Moreover, it allows automatic topology discovery via LLDP and comprehensible remote logging through rsyslog. 

Enhanced Security

TACACS+/RADIUS have been integrated to enable remote authentication for networked access control through a centralized server. The secure version of most of the protocols such as SFTP, HTTPS, SNMPv3 has been implemented and a firewall has been incorporated to provide a robust system against malicious users. 


  • Size: 431 x 44 x 330 mm
  • Environmental Conditions
    • Temperature: -10ºC ~ +50ºC
    • Humidity: 0% ~ 90% RH
  • Timing
  • Multi-sources
    • Failover mechanism to ensure continuous operation by switching over several timing sources in case of failure
    • White Rabbit (accuracy <1ns)
    • External references (GNSS, AC) PTP IEEE 1588-2008
    • Supported Profiles: Default
    • G.8265.1[1]
    • G.8275.1[1]
    • IEEE C37.238-2011[1] up to 16 clients
    • NTP v2, v3 & v4
    • Holdover (optional) Accuracy (learning 3 days from GNSS)
    • < 100ns @ 4h
    • < 500ns @ 8h
    • < 1.5us @ 24h

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