Pendulum CNT-104S Multi-Channel Frequency Analyzer

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  • Four channel
  • 400 MHz Frequency Analyzer
  • optional RF-channel up to 24 GHz

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Pendulum CNT-104S Multi-Channel Frequency Analyzer


The Pendulum CNT-104S Multi-Channel Frequency Analyzer is a revolutionary new concept for super-performance multichannel frequency and time-interval analysis in a bench-top unit. You can track parallel frequency, phase or time simultaneously on 4 input channels on the large graphic screen. These instruments feature gap-free measurements, and have <7 ps resolution time resolution, up to 13 digits/s frequency resolution, and a measuring speed of 20M results/s. Pendulum CNT-104S can replace and outperform any existing Timer/Counter/Analyzer on the market.

Super-high-performance: 4-channel, ultra-high speed and 7 ps resolution

The ultra-high single-shot resolution gives better insights into the design under test, faster results in phase comparisons between clocks, more accurate calibration, and allows capture of very small time/phase changes. Track and compare 4 parallel signals with 7 ps resolution/timestamp, at a speed of 50 ns between samples in each channel.

Gap-free, zero-dead-time counting provides back-to-back measurements without losing any cycle, even for very long measurements. The Pendulum CNT-104S is also a high-performance Modulation Domain Analyzer (MDA). Thanks to the high speed of up to 20M meas./s for 4 parallel signals, very fast frequency or phase/time changes can be captured in real time. Pendulum CNT-104S has a unique 4-channel design, plus an optional RF input. All channels perform parallel, independent, and gap-free time-stamping of the input signal. This allows for new measurements that earlier required many instruments, like phase comparison of 4 atomic clocks, without the need for a switch. And Multi-stop Time-Interval measurements (1 start and 3 stop events) for time-of-flight measurements in physical research.

Outstanding ease-of-use – color touch screen and intuitive menus

The big color touch screen with its intuitive menus, lets you make your settings via a simple finger touch. Alternatively, you can connect a wireless mouse to the front USB host port, and make your settings via mouse clicks on the screen instead. Or you can use the web-server interface to control CNT-104S from a large PC-screen. The intelligent AUTO SET will help you to make the best settings for each measurement function. You do not even need to be close to your instrument. The web server

functionality lets you connect to the CNT-104S over Ethernet, view the front panel, and control the measurements and read results via a few mouse clicks. When adjusting a frequency source to given limits, the graphic display gives fast and accurate visual calibration guidance.

You can pan and zoom in graphs to view individual samples with cursor read-outs. Any measured signal can be smoothed, to reveal underlying trends in the presence of excessive noise.

The NEW CNT-104S Multi-channel Frequency Analyzer outperforms every existing benchtop frequency counter and time interval analyzer on the market, independent of measurement task.

Save money in production test

The 4-channel design enables 4 parallel frequency measurements. One CNT-104S can replace 4 existing frequency counters in a test system at a lower cost/counter.

Using the option 22/05 rackmount adapter, you will have 8 parallel frequency counters in a 19”, 2U high rack space.  You can choose between Ethernet, WLAN*, or USB** as a communication interface to a PC/Laptop/Tablet, or to the test system controller. High bus speed reduces test time in ATE test systems. Perform fast block measurements up to 170k meas/s. Test time is reduced compared to existing solutions, and time is money.

* Requires an external USB WiFi dongle

** Later availability. USB full SW functionality will be available as future SW

upgrades for early purchased units

Full flexibility for remote control

The CNT-104S comes as standard with a Gbit Ethernet interface for remote control and data transfer. Using a WiFi dongle in the front panel USB port, enables you to connect CNT-104S to your local wireless network. A USB 2.0 communication interface is HW ready from start, with later full SW capabilities, via free future SW upgrade. You can access and control the instrument from your lab bench, or from anywhere in the world, using the integrated web server.

Very flexible configuration ​

The CNT-104S can be configured as you like it to fit performance demands and/or budget. You can  add an optional extra channel C for RF frequency measurements. Choose either a 3, or 10 GHz basic HW (The 10 GHz channel is SW key upgradable to 15, 20, or 24 GHz) Choose between 3 timebase oscillator options; TCXO and 2x OCXO Add an optional 0.5 Hz to 100 MHz pulse generator (SW license key) Add optional TIE measurement function (SW license key).

Easy-to-understand Graphical Presentation

One of the great features of the CNT-104S is the graphic display with its menu-oriented settings. The non-expert can easily make correct settings without risking costly mistakes. Valuable signal information, given in multi-parameter displays, removes the need for other instruments like DVM’s and Scopes for quick signal verification. Measured values are presented as both numerics and graphics. The graphical presentation of results (distribution, trends etc.) gives a better understanding of the nature of jitter. It also provides you with a much better view of changes vs time, from slow drift to fast modulation. The same data set can be viewed in Numerical, Statistics, Distribution and Time-line views. It is very easy to capture and toggle between views of the same data set.

Pendulum CNT-104S

Modulation Domain Analysis

The Pendulum CNT-104S features built-in modulation domain analysis, displaying frequency changes vs. time, on one to four input channels. Thanks to the high resolution, and the high measurement speed of down to 50 ns between individual samples in each channel, you can follow and verify for example:
  • FM, FSK, BPSK, PWM, PPM and other time, phase or frequency modulation schemes
  • Frequency sweep
  • Frequency transients
  • Frequency settling in oscillators, VCOs and PLLs
  • Synthesizer switching
  • Frequency instability, incl. jitter
  • Frequency hopping agile communication

Pendulum CNT-104S

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