Keithley 6517B Electrometer

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Key Features
  • Measures resistances up to 1018 Ω
  • 10 aA (10×10–18 A) current measurement resolution
  • Complete hardware-software solution for ASTM D257 high resistivity measurements with the 6517B, 8009 Resistivity Test Fixture, and the KickStart High Resistivity Measurement Application
  • <3 fA input bias current
  • 6½-digit high accuracy measurement mode
  • <20 μV burden voltage on the lowest current ranges
  • Voltage measurements up to 200 V with >200 Ω input impedance
  • Built-in ±1000 V voltage source

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Keithley 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter

The Keithley 6517B Electrometer/High Resistance Meter is the worldwide research laboratory standard for sensitive measurements. With over 60 years of low level measurement expertise, Keithley electrometers provide reliable measurements of current levels down to 10 aA (10×10–18 A), charge levels down to 1 fC, and the highest resistance measurements available up to 1018 Ω. The 6517B is also capable of measuring the largest voltage range—up to 200 V—with an input impedance exceeding 200 TΩ. All this performance is built into an instrument that operates as simply as a digital multimeter.