Keithley 2470 SMU with 1100V/1A

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All-in-One SMU Instrument
  • Precision power supply with V and I readback
  • True current source
  • Digital multimeter (DCV, DCI, ohms, and power with 6½-digit resolution)
  • Precision electronic load
  • Trigger controller

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Keithley 2470 SMU with 1100V/1A

The 2470 High Voltage SourceMeter® Source Measure unit (SMU) Instrument brings advanced Touch, Test, Invent® technology right to your fingertips. It combines an innovative graphical user interface (GUI) with capacitive touchscreen technology to make testing intuitive and minimize the learning curve to help engineers and scientists learn faster, work smarter, and invent easier.With its 1100 V and 10 fA capability, the 2470 is optimized for characterizing and testing high voltage, low leakage devices, materials, and modules, such as silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), power MOSFETs, transient suppression devices, circuit protection devices, power modules, batteries, and much more. These new capabilities, combined with Keithley’s decades of
expertise in developing high precision, high-accuracy SMU instruments, make the 2470 a “go-to instrument” for high-voltage source and low-current measurement applications in the lab and in the test rack.

Install I-V Tracer Software to your 2400 Series Graphical SMU and create a functional replacement to traditional curve tracers like the Tektronix 576 or 370. Quickly trace out two-terminal device characteristics without configuring sweeps or connecting to other software.

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Making the big power switch

sourcemeasure unit at a wafer probe station

Demand for more efficient high-voltage semiconductors in 5G, automotive, and alternative energy markets is driving increasingly complex testing and research into new technologies like SiC and GaN. Your testing equipment will need to evolve to keep up.

The new 2470 SMU adds capabilities in measurements like breakdown voltage, leakage current, isolation testing, hi-pot and dielectric withstanding tests to get you to insight faster.

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Make measurements at a whole new level.



SMU instruments capture more-detailed device behavior and can characterize the device in extended ranges, so you can understand your device better, enhance its quality and improve its performance.

Testing High Brightness LEDs Pulse Testing of Laser Diode



  • 6½-digit resolution precision source and measure
  • 1 MSamples/s digitized measurement speed
  • Current: 10nA to 7A DC, 10A Pulse
  • Voltage: 200mV to 200V
  • Power: Up to 100W DC to 1000W Pulse


Intuitive UI. Smart and fast.

Measure, see and discover more on the intuitive, multi-touch user interface – from raw readings to histograms to time-based and voltage/current-based waveforms—and get to your answers more quickly.

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  • Five-inch touchscreen with carefully-designed color combination and screen layout
  • Easy navigation and one-level-deep menu and settings
  • 27.5 million data memory with time stamps all viewable on the instrument

Unmatched versatility and return on investment.

SMU instruments bring versatility to a new level, for today’s applications and tomorrow’s innovation. Configure yours as a precision power supply, 6½-digit DMM, current source, voltage source, picoammeter, electronic load and more.

Leakage Current and Insulation Resistance Measurements


Rechargeable Battery Charge/Discharge (Galvanic) Cycling