Hioki SW1002 Switch Mainframe

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Switch Mainframe, pair with a measuring instrument to achieve multi-channel capabilities, max. 264 channels (2-wire) to max. 72 channels (4-terminal pair), 12 slots

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Hioki SW1002 Switch Mainframe 

The Hioki SW1002 is a switch mainframe for housing the SW9001 or SW9002 Multiplexer Module to deliver quick, multi-channel battery testing. Connect up to 2 battery testing instruments to test OCV measurement, internal resistance measurement, and external potential measurement of battery cells. 

Hioki SW1001

Multi-channel Battery Testing.Packed with Features to Ensure Accuracy

Combine the SW1002 with a battery testing instrument to measure a battery cell's OCV (open circuit voltage), internal resistance, reaction resistance at low frequency, Cole-Cole plot, and external potential on multiple channels. 

Hioki SW1001

Connect Up to Two Measuring Instruments with Different Functions

Switch between two types of measuring instruments to perform a variety of measurements. 

Hioki SW1001

Battery Measurement Supported by Exclusive PC Application

Use the free, downloadable PC application to perform various measurements easily. 

Hioki SW1001Circuit Design for Impedance Measurements

The effect on the detection signal is reduced by canceling the magnetic flux of the AC measurement current and separating the source from the sense. 

Hioki SW1001

Choose from Two Types of Multiplexer Modules

MULTIPLEXER MODULE SW9001:This module supports 2-wire/4-wire configurations. Channel switching can be performed in 11 ms (excluding communication, command processing time, and contact bounce). 

MULTIPLEXER MODULE SW9002: This module supports 4-terminal pair configuration for use in combination with BT4560 and IM3590. 2-wire measurement is also possible (Sense only). Channel switching can be performed in 11 ms (excluding communication, command processing time, and contact bounce). 

Hioki SW1001Communicatiuces the Number of PC Ports Needed

Normally, PC control requires two ports: one communication port for switching and one for the measuring instrument. 
By using the communication command transmission function on the SW1001 the switch mainframe can transfer control commands from the PC to the measuring instrument (and responses can be received from the device). This allows you to reduce the number of communication ports used on the measuring instrument 

Hioki SW1001 

Scan Function

This function switches between channels in order based on the scan list registered in advance. 
The switch mainframe and the EXT. I/O of the measuring instrument are connected. With the scan function, channel switching and trigger measurement can be synced for continuous scanning. 

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