Hioki ST4030A Impulse Winding Tester

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  • Identify previously undetectable defects
  • Detect waveforms with high precision
  • Identify single-fault turns via quantification of response waveforms into LC and RC values
  • Diagnose defective insulation (pseudo-shorts) between motor windings by testing for microscopic partial discharges hidden in noise (option)

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Hioki ST4030A Impulse Winding Tester

The ST4030A is an impulse winding tester, or surge tester, that combines the functions of both a resistance meter and insulation-withstand testing required for electric motor winding manufacturers to improve quality.  Meet the needs of more reliable motor windings in light of the increasing use of electric vehicles and self-driving technology.

Key features

  • 200 MHz high speed sampling
  • 12-bit resolution


How to Use the Hioki Impulse Winding Tester ST4030A

The ST4030A detects the existence of layer shorts between coil windings, defects that are found in motor inductors. By using a master waveform taken from a reference coil after applying an impulse voltage, and comparing it to the measured waveform across a specific interval of the coil under test, the resulting area difference can help determine pass or fail easily and accurately. In addition, quantification of response waveforms, a new method developed by Hioki, lets you detect even single-turn faults by using a pass/fail distribution plot. Watch this video to learn how to easily make settings and begin testing right away.

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