EM TEST VSS500N6 Voltage Surge Generator

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Voltage Surge Generator
  • Surge pulse 1.2/50us up to 6.6kV
  • 5 different test levels
  • Source impedance 500ohm
  • Constant Energy of 0.5J at each test level
  • Peak voltage/current measurement

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EM TEST VSS500N6 Voltage surge simulator

The surge simulator type VSS 500N6 generates high voltage transients as required by IEC 60255-27 with a source impedance of 500ohm for transient overvoltage tests on "Protection Relays". The output voltage ranges up to 6.6kV, covering for tests levels 1 to 5.

The no-load waveshape corresponds to IEC-61180-1. For this kind of testing the IEC 60255-27 standard requires a fixed energy of 0.5 J at each test level.