DEMO Svantek SV 200A 4G Noise Monitoring Station

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SV200A Noise monitoring station is the top-of-the range station with built-in microphones for NOISE DIRECTIVITY detection. This revolutionary solution enables identification of dominant noise sources providing information about their location both in vertical and horizontal directions.

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Svantek SV 200A 4G Noise Monitoring Station

The Svantek SV 200A has four additional microphones located on sides of the housing use the sound intensity technique to detect the DIRECTION of a DOMINANT NOISE SOURCE both in the vertical and horizontal axes. The Leq distribution in angle sectors is saved as the time-history and can be used for data filtering and reporting.

Station can perform a real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 OCTAVE bands and save it as time-history data. Additionally it can record the AUDIO SIGNAL for NOISE SOURCES RECOGNITION and data recalculation.

The ADVANCED ALARMS function can send e-mail and SMS notifications triggered by threshold level conditions combined with time conditions. Station’s status alarms are also available.

The 4G MODEM, WLAN and LAN provide fast data transfer over the Internet to PC with standard Internet connectivity. SvanNET enables a plug & play connection to Internet and easy management of measurement projects. Regardless of the SIM card type, Public or Private, SvanNET will establish connection, giving full access to the measurement data via WEB BROWSER. The Bluetooh® and Wireless LAN provide access point for an easy configuration with the SvanNET Application.

Following ISO 1996-2 requirements, the SV 200A is using the ELECTROSTATIC ACTUATOR to perform the periodic system check. CHECKING OF THE COMPLETE MEASUREMENT CHAIN including the microphone is the advantage of using electrostatic actuator method.

The accurate GPS module provides information on the localization as well as measurement TIME SYNCHRONIZATION.

Noise Monitor Approved by PTB

The SV 200A Noise Monitor has been approved as a Class 1 Sound Level Meter by the German Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

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Svantek SV 200A