Chroma 19054 Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR/4CH SCAN)

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  • 3 in 1 Tester: AC, DC, IR
  • Output voltage to 5 kV AC & 6 kV DC
  • Trip current programmable 30 mA AC & 10 mA DC
  • Insulation resistance to 50 Gigohms, 1000 VDC test voltage
  • Built-in 8 channel Scanner (19053)
  • Built-in 4 channel Scanner (19054)
  • Open/Short Check (OSC)
  • Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI)
  • ARC detection (Flashover)
  • 50 test setup storage with 100 steps per setup
  • Fast cutoff time: 0.4 ms
  • Fast discharge time: 0.2 sec
  • Optional transformer test fixture (19053)
  • Standard RS-232 Interface
  • Optional GPIB Interface

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Chroma 19054 Hipot Tester (AC/DC/IR)

Chroma 19054 is a direct replacement for QuadTech Guardian 1030. Model 19053 is a direct replacement for Quadtech Guardian 1030S.

Complete Dielectric Testing Solution
The Chroma Hipot Tester 19050 series provide 3 models for choice. The 19052 for AC/DC/IR Hipot testing and insulation resistance (IR) measurements, the 19053 which combines both AC and DC Hipot tests and IR measurements with 8HV scan channel capability into a single compact unit, and the 19054 which combines both AC and DC Hipot tests and IR measurements with 4HV scan channel capability into a single compact unit. The front panels of the fevers make them easy to operate. Digital display and user friendly control allows test parameters and limits to be set easily without the high voltage activating.

Open Short Check (OSC)
The OSC function is used to check whether the connection is open circuit between instrument and DUT or breakdown inside DUT before testing the electrical safety.

Ground Continuity Check
These testers have a ground continuity check feature to determine the resistance, that is between the ground blade of power cord and any exposed metal on the product, is less than 1Ω.

Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI)
GFI is required by the National Electrical Code in wet locations. Such devices automatically interrupt power when a ground current > 0.5 mA for more than a few milliseconds to protect users.

Quick Discharge
In DC hipot and IR test the device under test is discharged back through the HV transformer. This technique results in a rapid and safe discharge.