Bodet HMT LED 45 Outdoor LED Clock

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This is the largest of our digital clocks, and certainly deserves its place. And all without losing any of its flexibility

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Bodet HMT LED 45 Outdoor LED Clock

This is the largest of our digital clocks, and certainly deserves its place. And all without losing any of its flexibility.


An XXL-size clock.

This is an imposing timepiece, measuring 1.76m wide and 62cm high. A large size means high visibility: 45cm high digits make its information perfectly readable from a distance of up to 200m. With a reading angle of 160° and adjustable luminosity, the HMT LED 45 knows how to make itself visible.
The HMT LED 45 clock is ideal for large spaces

The best way to be seen.

The HMT LED 45 is ideal for large spaces. Installed on a busy road, it will not only provide an accurate and easily-readable time, but will also draw attention to its surroundings. Whether rural or city-based, shops, banks, companies, factories or petrol stations will gain visibility thanks to the HMT LED 45.
Not to mention the features that make it intuitive to use: automatic luminosity adjustment and remote control.

Displays available

Seconds display not availableNo day week display availableNo day number display availableWeek number display availableDate display availableNo multilingual date display availableDigital date display availableTemperature display availableNo text display availableNo event countdown display availableNo day countdown display availableNo Timer display availableNo adjustable brightness
SecondsNoDay weekNoDay numberNoWeek numberNoDateYesMultilingual dateNoNumeric dateYesTemperatureOptionalTextNoCountdownYesDay countdownYesStopwatchYesAdjustable LuminosityAutomatic


LED colours



Technical information

  • Dimensions: 176 cm x 62 cm
  • Display mode: 12 hours or 24 hours
  • Character height: 45 cm
  • Optimal viewing distance: 200 m
  • Reading angle: 160°
  • Eco mode: No
  • Use: Outdoor
  • Time distribution: Pulse (minute or ½ minute), antenna: ALS, DCF or GPS, AFNOR, DHF, NTP.
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Recess-mountable: No
  • Time change: Auto
  • Wall mounting: Yes
  • Ceiling mounting: Yes
  • Mast mounting: Yes
  • Power: 100/240VAC 50/60Hz

Dimensions HMT LED 45