Aim-TTi PSA1303 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

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  • 1MHz to 1300MHz frequency range
  • Resolution bandwidths of 300Hz to 10MHz 1:3:10
  • -115dBm typical noise floor at -40dBm reference level
  • Measurement in dBm or dBμV, mV or μW
  • Zero span mode with AM and FM audio demodulation
  • Trace modes of normal, peak hold and trace average
  • Live, View (copy) and Reference traces in contrasting colours
  • Twin markers with readout of absolute & difference values
  • Smart marker movement with selectable peak tracking
  • Frequency counter with 10Hz Resolution
  • Up to 6 hours continuous battery operation from a charge
  • Smaller and lighter than other spectrum analyzers (weight only 0.58 kg)

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Aim-TTi PSA1303 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

The Aim-TTi PSA1303 is a True handheld battery powered RF spectrum analyzers with 1.3GHz bandwidth

A lightweight and truly handheld instrument that incorporates an extensive feature set. A ruggedized casing with a removable sun screen/screen protector to enhance field use. The 4.3” TFT with 3 row hierarchical menu system provides rapid access to all features. Additional Hard keys are provided for marker movement and short cuts to major functions.

On time is almost instant with the first sweep available in under 2 seconds. Addition of the U01 upgrade adds additional limit lines and patterns, data Logging, Sweep Triggers, Compensation tables, Custom Pre-sets and View on PC capability.


The PSA Series 3 will find many applications within radio communication field environments such as: Interference Analysis Antenna Alignment Signal Strength Mapping Covert Transmitter Detection Spurious Emissions EMC Frequency Evaluations


The PSA Series 3 operates from a Li-ion rechargeable battery that can provide up to 6 hours of continuous operation. It can also be set to switch off automatically after a set time from the last action. For continuous bench top operation, it can be powered from its AC adapter which also recharges the battery in less than 3 hours. On pressing the power button, the instrument comes to life almost instantly, with the first sweep available in under 2 seconds.


The PSA Series 3 is sufficiently small and lightweight to fit comfortably into the hand. A removable screen protector and sun-shield combines with rubberised buffers top and bottom to enhance its use in the field. The casing of the PSA Series 3 includes rubberised buffers top and bottom to help resist knocks and scratches. The tilt stand can be moved to the top of the instrument to act as a screen protector when in transit. In this position it also acts as a sun-shield when in the field. With a width of only 92mm (3.6”) and a weight of only 580 grams (20 oz) the PSA Series 3 fits comfortably into the hand.


The three-row hierarchical menu system provides rapid intuitive access to all functions. Additional hard keys are provided for marker movement and shortcuts to major functions. Alternatively, all of the functions can be operated with just the hard keys by using the five way navigator in a tab-enter-jog mode.

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