Aim-TTi BS407 Micro-Ohmmeter

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  • High basic accuracy of 0.1%
  • Wide range of 1 µΩ to 20 kΩ
  • Current reversal switch for detecting thermal EMF effects
  • Current diversion switch for easy zeroing
  • Four terminal measurement using Kelvin clip leads (supplied)
  • Battery operation with built-in charger
  • 20mV clamp for "dry circuit" testing

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Aim-TTi BS407 Micro-Ohmmeter

The Aim-TTi BS407 is an instrument which is fully optimised for the task of accurate measurement of low resistances with a best resolution of 1µ. It has applications beyond the testing of components such as measuring the resistance of motor or transformer windings, the properties of materials, the thickness of plates, the security of pipework joints or wiring installations and many others. It uses a Direct Current technique to measure true resistance, rather than the resistive component of impedance which is shown by AC excited RLC bridges. The test current for each range has been carefully chosen to minimise heating of the sample under test while being sufficient to minimise the effects of thermal emf and noise. This gives much greater accuracy at low resistances than can be obtained from the very low test currents used by general purpose high resolution multimeters.

The low-noise low-drift bipolar amplifiers employed need much less noise filtering than alternative chopper stabilised technologies resulting in faster settling to the correct reading. The BS407 is a fully portable instrument which operates from NiMh rechargeable batteries. The battery charger is built into the instrument and can be operated continuously during bench use. The BS407 uses a four terminal measurement system via high quality Kelvin Clip leads (supplied). For speed and convenience front panel switches are provided for current diversion (allowing in-situ zero adjustment) and current reversal (for identifying thermal emf errors). An indicator lamp confirms correct flow of the measuring current thus preventing spurious results from being recorded. The BS407 has eight push-button selected decade measurement ranges from 1.999m up to 19.99k. This unusually wide range makes it suitable for a greater variety of applications than other micro-ohmmeters. A front panel operated ‘clamp’ switch is available to limit the maximum voltage across the unknown to 20mV. This is a requirement for the measurement of switch contact resistances to international standards. With a lowest range of 1999µ the BS407 can resolve down to one micro-ohm. Rapid settling minimises delay between readings. Precision analogue circuitry ensures a high measurement accuracy of up to 0.1% of reading ± 0.1% of scale.

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