Arbitrary Function Generators

Today's designs are often complex, demanding a variety of stimulus signals during test. Tektronix and Aim-TTi function generators are best-in-class instruments that deliver uncompromised frequency agility and ensure signals are accurately reproduced every time.


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Aim-TTi TG1006 10MHz DDS Function Generator
Aim-TTi TG2000 DDS Function Generator
Aim-TTi TG2511A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary GeneratorAim-TTi TG2511A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator
Aim-TTi TG2512A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary GeneratorAim-TTi TG2512A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator
Aim-TTI TG315
Aim-TTi TG315 Function Generator Sale price0,00 kr Price on quotation
Aim-TTi TG330 3MHz Function Generator Sale price0,00 kr Price on quotation
Aim-TTi TG5011A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary GeneratorAim-TTi TG5011A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator
Aim-TTi TG5012A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary GeneratorAim-TTi TG5012A Function/Pulse/Arbitrary Generator
Aim-TTi TGP110
AIM-TTi TGP3121Aim-TTi TGP3121 Pulse and Universal Generator
AIM-TTi TGP3121Aim-TTi TGP3122 Pulse and Universal Generator
Aim-TTi TGP3151 Pulse and Universal GeneratorAim-TTi TGP3151 Pulse and Universal Generator