Aim-TTi TGR2050
2GHz Signal Generator

  • 10MHz to 1000MHz frequency range
  • 1kHz setability, +/-2ppm frequency stability
  • -127dBm to +7dBm amplitude, 0.1dB steps
  • FM modulation, internal or external
  • 80 character back-lit LCD display
  • Keyboard and rotary encoder control
  • Full remote control though RS232 or optional GPIB

Aim-TTi TGR2050 2GHz Synthesised Signal Generator

The TGR2050 series sets a new price standard for high performance RF generators. Advanced design techniques utilizing the latest component technologies have made this possible.

The low cost makes it possible for every engineer involved in RF design, manufacture or testing to have a generator of their own.

High Precision and Stability

The TGR series uses a fully synthesised source locked to a temperature compensated crystal oscillator. This provides excellent signal frequency stability against temperature and ageing. The TGR2050 adds the further capability of locking to an external 10MHz source.

The frequency can be set to a resolution of 10Hz across the whole frequency range (1kHz resolution on TGR1040).

Frequency steps can be set to any value and stepping can be done with up/down keys or the rotary encoder.

The frequency stepping system makes operations such as precise amplitude response characterization particularly easy.

Wide Amplitude Range & Low Leakage

The TGR series provides an amplitude range of –127dBm to +7dBm (0·1μV to 500mV into 50_). Setting resolution is 0.1dBm or 0.01μV.

Output level steps can be set anywhere between 0·1dBm and 100dBm (or 0·01μV to 100mV depending on the entry mode). Stepping the level is useful for quick assessment of circuit linearity and dynamic range for instance.

The advanced attenuator design provide excellent flatness over the whole frequency range.

Meticulous internal screening provides very low output leakage enabling accurate low level measurements in sensitive circuits such as receivers.

Ease of use

The TGR series incorporates a simple and straightforward user interface.

The back-lit four line display shows all the major signal parameters simultaneously. Data can be entered numerically using 0 – 9 keys or can be incremented/decremented using up/down keys or the rotary encoder. Both frequency and output level can be adjusted in steps of user programmed size.

Output level can be set either in dBm or linear units of μV or mV. A single button press will translate from one to the other.

The TGR series can store nine full instrument set-ups in non-volatile memory. This allows repetitive testing procedures to be undertaken quickly and accurately.

Full remote control

The TGR series provides full remote control facilities for all its functions using both RS-232 and GPIB (IEEE-488.2) interfaces. (GPIB is an option for the TGR1040).

Comprehensive Modulation

The TGR2050 offers AM, FM and Phase modulation using either an internal or external source.

Wide modulation range and low distortion make the TGR2050 suitable for most modulated signal test procedures.

The TGR1040 provides FM modulation only using either an internally generated modulator signal or an external signal in the range 300Hz to 50kHz.

This wide bandwidth allows for audio band demodulator testing as well as LF digital modulation.

Aim-TTi TGR2050 2GHz Synthesised Signal Generator

Aim-TTi TGR2050 Datasheet

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