Anritsu 2000-1884-R
PIM Hunter

Anritsu PIM Hunter™ 2000-1884-R

  • Pinpoint External PIM (outside the antenna system)
  • PIM Hunter is a specialized antenna to identify IM products from 600 to 2700 MHz
  • Operates with the MS2720T Spectrum Master™ or MT8220T BTS Master™ in burst detect sweep mode and bandpass filter
  • PIM Master™ is required to generate the primary test tones to generate IM products for the PIM Hunter to locate

Anritsu PIM Hunter™ 2000-1884-R

We are pleased to announce our new solution with the introduction of PIM Hunter. A patent-pending technology that allows a test technician to pinpoint the location of external PIM beyond the antenna. By walking along the arc of the DTP distance from the antenna with PIM Hunter™, the technician can pinpoint the source of the PIM typically within a few centimeters.

The PIM hunting process begins with an Anritsu PIM Master to inject two high power test signals into the system under test. The test signals broadcast through the site antenna, exciting any PIM sources in the RF path. These PIM sources behave like CW transmitters radiating the IM3 frequency in all directions. With the PIM Hunter test probe connected to a spectrum analyzer in burst detect mode (MS2720T or MT8220T) and an appropriate (2000-17xx-R series) band-pass filter installed, technicians can “hunt” for these IM3 signal sources along the arc of the distance provided by the DTP measurement of the PIM Master. When the probe tip comes in close proximity to a PIM source, the PIM value increases by as much as 30 dB, indicating the precise location of the PIM source. Application Note “Identifying Sources of External PIM”, provides more detail on the external PIM hunting process.

Anritsu PIM Hunter™ 2000-1884-R

PIM Hunter™ 2000-1884-R Datasheet

Identifying Sources of External PIM

Anritsu PIM Hunter™ 2000-1884-R

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